Wherever We May Roam

Wherever We Ma.....
Wait! What?!

Yep! It's what we do. Get a random thought in our heads. "Hmmmm I wonder what (insert random location here) looks like this time of year." "What are the critters at the zoo doin'?" "Let's go to a Pow Wow and see some old friends." We usually don't go too far. Try to make the trip in a day so we can relax and get something to eat when we get there. As long as the weather is good, we're not working and have the time to make the trip we will. Yes we like to go places. So when we can, we do. This page is where we start to share some of those adventures with you through our snapshots.

Columbus Zoo '19

Altoona Curve
Baseball '19

Logstown PowWow '18

Conservatory '18

Columbus Zoo '18

De Un Da Ga '18

BalloonFest '18
Ashland, Ohio

Cleveland Zoo '18