What we saw!

Pics from the show.

Tippi Hedren
Tippi Hedren signing our Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" Poster

Adrienne Barbeau
Adrienne Barbeau signing our "Swamp Thing" Poster

Pam Grier
Me and Tammie with Pam Grier

Cassandra Peterson
This is Cassandra Peterson. Also known as Elvira... Yeah, she's a Redhead... 8-)

Denise Crosby
Denise Crosby signing our "Pet Semetery" Poster

Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus signing our "Walking Dead" Poser.

Normans line
This was the line to see Norman, it was all the way out the front door... Glad we were near the front.

Judith O'dea
Judith O'dea signing our "Night of the Living Dead" Poster

Judith O'dea
Judith O'dea and Tammie

Kitty Zombie
Tammie with our favorite zombie... Kitty Zombie

Tammie and Wolfie... A local HorrorHost

Tammie and Nitemare Man

This kid was kinda scary... or was it the pumpkin monster?

I Dunnow
Ummm... Uhhhh... I really don't know....

One of my favorite costumes at the show

Lily Munster
Lily Munster

Black n White
Another cool Costume