Our Pictures from the Weekend

Corey Feldman
Me and Tammie with Corey Feldman

Norman Reedus
Tammie with Norman Reedus from Boondock Saints

Sean Patrick Flannery
Tammie with Sean Patrick Flannery from Boondock Saints

David Della Rocca
Tammie with David Della Rocca from Boondock Saints

Kitty Zombie
Tammie and Kitty Zombie...Body of a Killer, Mind of a Puppy...

Sid Haig
Sid Haig signing our Devil's Rejects poster

Bill Moseley
Bill Moseley signing our Devil's Rejects poser

Dan Roebuck
Dan Roebuck signing our Devil's Rejects Poster

Ken Foree
Ken Foree signing our Devil's Rejects poster

Michael Berryman
Michael Berryman signing our Devil's Rejects poster
This was taken at Cinema Wasteland a week after HorrorHound
He likes clowns as much as Tammie does...

Clown 2 Clown 1
CLOWNS! Tammie just LOVES Clowns....well not really... She don't trust them...

Oops! Ran into a couple of Predators...

After a 7 hr drive on Fri. we arrived in Indy. Got settled in our hotel, then headed over to the convention.

Damn! about 200 people in line ahead of us.... Oh well, So now we stand in line. It was entertaining to see the looks on the newcomer's faces as the turned the corner and saw the line going waaaaaayy down the hall.

After a 45 min or so wait, we are IN! We decided to get our signatures first and have them out of the way. SO we Got Corey, the Boondock Saints guys, and a few others. We decided to get the Devil's Rejects sigs on Saturday.

We wandered around on Fri and Sat. Getting pics, and sigs, and just having a good time.

Overall we had a blast! Can't wait until the next one in Cinci in Nov.