HorrorHound Weekend
Cincinatti 2011

Anthony Michael Hall, Tammie, and Me.

Anthony Michael Hall Anthony Michael Hall was great. He stood up when it was our turn to meet him and shook our hands, and asked our names. While he was signing our Weird Science poster Robert Rusler came over and told the crowd a story of something that happened on the Weird Science set and AMH was laughing so hard he was beat red. After he signed our poster, he got up and from behind his table and posed for the picture with us. He actually seemed like he was wanting to meet his fans. I wouldn't mind meeting him again.

Tom Towles signing our Devil's Rejects poster.

Tom with Tammie and Me.

Tom Towles was a character. Very personable and friendly. Enjoyed meeting him.

John Saxon and Tammie

Tammie was really excited to meet MR John Saxon. Very nice guy.

Phil Fondacaro, Tammie, and Me.

Phil and his wife were really nice. We had him sign our Bordello of Blood poster.

Doug Jones signing our Pan's Labyrinth poster

Me, Doug, and Tammie

Doug I think was the most friendly out of everyone we met that weekend. He even signed a flyer he had for an upcoming book of his, that comes out in Feb, for free. Looking forward to seeing him again in a couple weeks in Pittsburgh.

Michael Rooker signing our Walking Dead poster

Michael Rooker was nice, but seemed kinda quiet when we got to see him. It was Sun, and I think that he was just tired. We also had Madison Lintz, Keisha Tillis, and Addy Miller sign our Walking Dead poster. Stupid me forgot to take the pics... 8-)

Ecto-1 was there!

Another view