This was supposed to be a convention that catered to everyone: Movie Fans, Comic Book Fans, Gamers, Car Enthusiasts, Wrestling Fans, Cosplay, Special FX, Etc.
It took place the weekend after our wedding and we figured it would be a good time. Got there on Friday evening. Got to the fairgrounds and got a fantasic parking spot which was weird as there weren't many cars in the lot. Hmmmmmm...
Walked up to the registration booth, we were early, Oh that's why the lot was empty, but we were not that early, only about a half hour or so. Saw the Back to the Future Delorian car on it's trailer on the way to the door! Very cool! Girl at the reg booth, no line, no waiting, said they were running a little late and the weekend badges weren't there yet. No biggie these things happen. Sooo we go outside and have a seat and engage in on of our favorite hobbies... "People Watching".
Sooo "People Watching" usually includes some people listening, as we are sitting there we hear some vendors talking about how they had to set up the hall themselves as the organizors had not done so. And that celebrities were showing up and not getting paid and some were leaving, and others were hanging around and waiting to see if they were going to get the money promised to them or not. WOW! Never been to a con where something like this happened before. This could get interesting.
Well it WAS interesting and kind of sad at the same time. The promoters were not honoring their contracts and it seems that nobody was getting what was promised to them. The Delorian never left it's trailer and went back home, Celebrities came and went. 85% of what was advertised did not happen.
On the plus side we were after a few certain signatures and we got most of them. We hung out with the cast from Night Breed and we had a good time with them, Simon Bamford even posted the pic of all of us on his Twitter page, That was kinda cool!


Our Pictures from the Weekend

Night Breed Cast
Simon Bamford, Tammie, Anne Bobby, Me, Craig Sheffer,Christine McCokindale, and Nicolas Vince.
The cast from Night Breed. These guys were great and made our weekend!

Lori Petty
Lori Petty signing our Tank Girl Poster.
She was only there for a couple of hours and then left.

Lori Petty
Lori Petty taking a pic with us, She was a little nutz in a fun way.

The Delorian that never got off it's trailer.

Earnhardt Car
Dale Earnhardt's Car.

Munster's Car.

K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider.

Bumblebee when he was the old Camaro.

Decepticon Police Car.