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About the Darque

Welcome to my most recent project....
This is a reincarnation of the Darque Castle BBS that was closed down in the mid 90s when the internet arrived in our town.
Gone are the ANSI graphics, the games, the downloads and all the things that made the Castle a fun place to hang out.
The background picture was taken by me. It is of the Dexter Mausoleum in the Spring Grove Cemetery, Located in Cincinatti Ohio.
It is probably our favorite building out of all the ones we have been photographing over the years.
This building has special meaning as it is where I proposed to my Wife in March of 2013.

Check out the Darque Images link to see some infrared photos that I have taken.
The Conventions link will take to our horror movie convention pages.
The Our Wedding link will take you to the result of that proposal at this beautiful building.
The Wherever We May Roam link will take you to various trips that we have taken.